FOR THE FIRST TIME! Now even kids have the chance to experience the fun of running in and out of the city’s buildings. In STHLM Urban Trail Kids, 7-13 year olds can run approximately 3km together with an adult.

STHLM Urban Trail Kids is the race for energetic children who want to experience a fun race together with their parents. The race is open for children from 7 to 13 years of age and age groups up to 11 years run together with an adult. An adult is permitted to run with more than one child.

A child’s entry includes a cotton t-shirt with STHLM Urban Trail Kids printed on the back. Adults who register together with children get a blue Craft t-shirt with the text STHLM Urban Trail. At the finish everyone will receive a medal and something to eat and drink.

The start and finish is in beautiful Galärparken. Galärparken is on Södra Djurgården in Stockholm and is a park area which is easy to get to and from by public transport. STHLM Urban Trail Kids has its own start group which starts once all the other runners have set off.

The course for STHLM Urban Trail Kids is approximately 3-4 kilometres, including the parts inside buildings. The buildings which will be included are still a secret but they will be revealed in good time before the event.

After Run
Enjoy the morning even more by having breakfast after your race. Pre-order a breakfast pack from City Gross for only SEK 65 when you register. If you don’t pre-book the breakfast pack, you can buy a simpler breakfast from our cafe. Join us and hang out in the finish area where you can enjoy your breakfast and one of the best views of Stockholm.

Entry fee

For STHLM Urban Trail Kids, the entry fee is the same for adults and children. Adults can only register this event together with one or more children. Adults alone who want to run in and out of buildings, need to enter the ordinary STHLM Urban Trail.


Pay with Visa or MasterCard
Please note that registration is binding and personal and cannot be refunded or transferred to another runner.